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BKB Mega Event PPV Fast Approaching


Hey Fight fans! Its getting closer to the BKB mega event in Florida, set for June 11th and available on PPV. Things have been heating up between heavyweight champion Bobby Gunn and title contender Shannon Ritch, with a side bet of $100,000 dollars on the line.

The “cannon” Shannon Ritch has made some bold statements recently, his latest being that he is going to be facing attempted murder charges once he enters the ring

Of course, there is a flaw in Shannon’s plan, and that is the Heavyweight Champion – Bobby Gunn. Expect fireworks!

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All Aboard the BKB Train – Next Stop Florida! BKB HYPE!

The gloves are off! Bobby Gunn and Shannon Ritch are going to be getting on in a BKB super event. Ritch has put his money where his mouth is and signed on the dotted line for a pop at lineal bare knuckle boxing heavyweight world champion Bobby Gunn’s strap. Hats off to the man for wanting to step up to the scratch with the main man himself, but this aint no picnic although there will be knuckle sandwiches!

BKB is exploding, we are all hyped and ready to go on June the 11th in what is going to be a momentous occasion! When you come out to face Bobby you better come out swinging, and we are expecting fireworks!

The fires are stoked boys and girls, the engine is chugging and the BKB train is rolling through Florida on June the 11th. Get on it or miss out! The choice is yours! The hype is real ladies and gentlemen!

Bobby Gunn