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It’s Official! Bare Knuckle Champ Bobby Gunn to Face Roy Jones Junior!


Yes you read that right! After 10 years in the making Bobby Gunn is to face Roy Jones Junior in a gloved cruiserweight bout for the Vacant World WBF Championship.

This extraordinary bout is titles Skill vs Will and will take place on the 17th of February and has already captured the interest of the sporting media and the general public. Gunn is known as one of the greatest bare knuckle boxers of all time and Jones as one of the all time gloved boxing greats. Two styles will collide on the 17th of February, Gunn known for his hard hitting Jack Dempsey like ferocity and Jones for his slick movement and fast hands, which promises to create one of the greatest show downs in boxing history and a true Cinderella story.

Sprits are high at Team Gunn who have worked tirelessly to bring you this fight and rest assured we are still working day and night to bring you true bare knuckle boxing in the near future.

This fight will take place at the Chase Centre in Wilmington, Delaware and will be available on Pay-per-View. Get behind your boy Bobby Gunn to bring home the gold for all those that ever dared to dream!


Gunn vs Ritch August 20th

For the first time in 130 years the lineal Police Gazette bare knuckle heavy weight championship will be defended by reigning champion Bobby Gunn.

Our heavyweight champion will defend his title on the 20th of August in what is promising to be an explosive bout. For the first time in 130 years the lineal heavyweight belt will be on the line in Miami with Gunn looking to retain his dominance in the hexagon, following in the footsteps of the great John L Sullivan.


August the 20th is going to be a great night of explosive, raw, visceral and traditional pugilism. Book your tickets through


BKB Mega Event PPV Fast Approaching


Hey Fight fans! Its getting closer to the BKB mega event in Florida, set for June 11th and available on PPV. Things have been heating up between heavyweight champion Bobby Gunn and title contender Shannon Ritch, with a side bet of $100,000 dollars on the line.

The “cannon” Shannon Ritch has made some bold statements recently, his latest being that he is going to be facing attempted murder charges once he enters the ring

Of course, there is a flaw in Shannon’s plan, and that is the Heavyweight Champion – Bobby Gunn. Expect fireworks!

Remember to get your pay per view tickets from (pre-order for a discount)


All Aboard the BKB Train – Next Stop Florida! BKB HYPE!

The gloves are off! Bobby Gunn and Shannon Ritch are going to be getting on in a BKB super event. Ritch has put his money where his mouth is and signed on the dotted line for a pop at lineal bare knuckle boxing heavyweight world champion Bobby Gunn’s strap. Hats off to the man for wanting to step up to the scratch with the main man himself, but this aint no picnic although there will be knuckle sandwiches!

BKB is exploding, we are all hyped and ready to go on June the 11th in what is going to be a momentous occasion! When you come out to face Bobby you better come out swinging, and we are expecting fireworks!

The fires are stoked boys and girls, the engine is chugging and the BKB train is rolling through Florida on June the 11th. Get on it or miss out! The choice is yours! The hype is real ladies and gentlemen!


Sanctioned BKB Coming Soon!

Big news from the world of BKB, it has been announced today that a fully sanctioned bare knuckle event is going to be held in the state of Florida.  Today Bobby Gunn and the Police Gazette, a long time proponent of Boxing and bare knuckle prize fighting going back to the 19th century announced that a fully sanctioned bare knuckle event will be taking place on June the 11th.

The Police Gazette has also announced its official rankings on its website with our heavyweight champion Bobby Gunn holding the top spot.

You can check out the full article here:


Here is some video footage of the press conference.




Bobby Gunn Calls out Kimbo Slice

Its the bare knuckle super fight that everybody wants to see! For the past seven years Bobby Gunn has been asking Kimbo Slice to lose the 4oz MMA gloves and return to his roots in bare knuckle boxing, in a show down of epic proportions.

Bobby Gunn has had over 70 bare knuckle fights and not lost yet, using power, precision and timing Bobby Gunn has dominated bare knuckle boxing to become the only official heavyweight world champion and he is willing to put his belt on the line for a show down with Mr Slice. Recently featured in Mens Journal and Rolling Stone, Bobby Gunn is gaining momentum in the main stream media and taking bare knuckle boxing to a whole new level.

Bare knuckle boxing is the purest form of combat sport, and the precursor to the Queensbury rules gloved boxing we all know and love today. Bobby Gunn aims to bring raw, no bandage, bare knuckle boxing back in to the hearts and minds of the world at large after being relegated to the shadows and back alleys following the last bare knuckle world champion John L Sullivan. Much like MMA has risen to become a powerhouse sport, bare knuckle boxing is sending shock waves throughout the world of combat sport and brings with it a rich and colorful heritage.

Kimbo Slice is an accomplished bare knuckle pugilist who rose to fame when his fights were posted on YouTube. Coming off the back of a win over Dada 5000 of the BYB movement, now is the perfect time for Kimbo to put pen to paper, get the fight on and mix it up at the highest level.


Twitter has been set alight recently with tweets calling for this fight to happen, this is the fight that the fans want, that the world of BKB needs and a fight that will truly make the history books.



Bobby Gunn featured in Mens Journal!

This months edition of Mens Journal see’s Bobby Gunn getting some big time recognition for all the years of fighting in the underground bare knuckle scene. The article titled Champion of the Underworld by Stayton Bonner, details the trails and tribulations that Bobby has faced in life and competing in bare knuckle bouts. Through pain and adversity Bobby has, for the love of the sport dragged bare knuckle kicking and screaming from the back alleys into the public arena.

This magazine article adds to what we all know already, that the world is ready for legitimate bare knuckle boxing bouts and the credibility that Bobby Gunn brings with him.

Bobby Gunn in Mens Journal

The full article can be found here: Bobby Gunn: Champion of the Underworld

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