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Momentum Building For BKB Champ – Bobby Gunn


Things are going from strength to strength for Bobby Gunn and look to gather even more momentum in the near future. The media have been set alight by the trail blazing legacy that Bobby has set, and is eagerly anticipating the trail blazing future about to be written. It is not only the media and public that have been captivated by the Bobby Gunn story, but also celebrities and sports personalities including the former boxing heavyweight world champion “Iron” Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson recently posted a link to Bobby Gunn in action against an opponent he quickly dispatched with some well placed body shots and a brutal uppercut he didn’t see coming.


Bobby’s story has not only come to the attention of the Baddest Man on the Planet and has also been Tweeted about by Anthony Christodoulou a former UFC veteran of the Octagon.


With mega stars like Mike Tyson getting behind Bobby Gunn we can see bare knuckle boxing already permeating its way onto the world stage, spear-headed by the official lineal bare knuckle boxing world heavyweight champion.

2016 is going to be a massive year for Bobby Gunn and his team and we hope you stay along for the ride.

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Bobby Gunn