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Bobby Gunn On MMA Roasted Podcast as Special Guest


Bobby Gunn recently appeared as the special guest on the hugely popular MMA Roasted podcast.

Bobby explained the difference between boxing and bare knuckle as well as gave his thought and opinions on MMA. As ever Bobby gave a humorous, humble and hugely entertaining interview and illustrated why he is the man to pioneer this history rich sport. avatars-000153498772-xgiqlc-t500x500

Social media plays a massive part in modern life, it can be a platform for progression, a way to meet new people and build new relationships but for all its positivity there can be a dark side. Bobby explains how social media can be a platform to bullies, and how he himself even as tough as he is has been the victim of several internet trolls and their hateful messages. A bully is a bully no matter how they do it and Bobby has no time for people like that!

This podcast gives a great insight into the heavyweight champions personality and is a great listen for all Bobby Gunn fans. Make sure you check it out here

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Bobby Gunn