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The King of Bare Knuckle Boxing – Bleacher Report

Check out this special feature on Bleacher Report about the king of bare knuckle boxing Bobby Gunn!

In the underground world of bare-knuckle boxing, Bobby Gunn is the king. He is 73-0 in fights that have taken place in parking garages, warehouses, repair shops and other secret locations.

Bleacher Report takes a guided tour into this secret and illegal “fight club” and sees what it takes to make it in the “purest form of combat sports.”
BR Studios , Featured Columnist, Bleacher Report 2016


Bobby Gunn On MMA Roasted Podcast as Special Guest

Bobby Gunn recently appeared as the special guest on the hugely popular MMA Roasted podcast.

Bobby explained the difference between boxing and bare knuckle as well as gave his thought and opinions on MMA. As ever Bobby gave a humorous, humble and hugely entertaining interview and illustrated why he is the man to pioneer this history rich sport. avatars-000153498772-xgiqlc-t500x500

Social media plays a massive part in modern life, it can be a platform for progression, a way to meet new people and build new relationships but for all its positivity there can be a dark side. Bobby explains how social media can be a platform to bullies, and how he himself even as tough as he is has been the victim of several internet trolls and their hateful messages. A bully is a bully no matter how they do it and Bobby has no time for people like that!

This podcast gives a great insight into the heavyweight champions personality and is a great listen for all Bobby Gunn fans. Make sure you check it out here


Momentum Building For BKB Champ – Bobby Gunn

Things are going from strength to strength for Bobby Gunn and look to gather even more momentum in the near future. The media have been set alight by the trail blazing legacy that Bobby has set, and is eagerly anticipating the trail blazing future about to be written. It is not only the media and public that have been captivated by the Bobby Gunn story, but also celebrities and sports personalities including the former boxing heavyweight world champion “Iron” Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson recently posted a link to Bobby Gunn in action against an opponent he quickly dispatched with some well placed body shots and a brutal uppercut he didn’t see coming.


Bobby’s story has not only come to the attention of the Baddest Man on the Planet and has also been Tweeted about by Anthony Christodoulou a former UFC veteran of the Octagon.


With mega stars like Mike Tyson getting behind Bobby Gunn we can see bare knuckle boxing already permeating its way onto the world stage, spear-headed by the official lineal bare knuckle boxing world heavyweight champion.

2016 is going to be a massive year for Bobby Gunn and his team and we hope you stay along for the ride.


Bobby Gunn Calls out Kimbo Slice

Its the bare knuckle super fight that everybody wants to see! For the past seven years Bobby Gunn has been asking Kimbo Slice to lose the 4oz MMA gloves and return to his roots in bare knuckle boxing, in a show down of epic proportions.

Bobby Gunn has had over 70 bare knuckle fights and not lost yet, using power, precision and timing Bobby Gunn has dominated bare knuckle boxing to become the only official heavyweight world champion and he is willing to put his belt on the line for a show down with Mr Slice. Recently featured in Mens Journal and Rolling Stone, Bobby Gunn is gaining momentum in the main stream media and taking bare knuckle boxing to a whole new level.

Bare knuckle boxing is the purest form of combat sport, and the precursor to the Queensbury rules gloved boxing we all know and love today. Bobby Gunn aims to bring raw, no bandage, bare knuckle boxing back in to the hearts and minds of the world at large after being relegated to the shadows and back alleys following the last bare knuckle world champion John L Sullivan. Much like MMA has risen to become a powerhouse sport, bare knuckle boxing is sending shock waves throughout the world of combat sport and brings with it a rich and colorful heritage.

Kimbo Slice is an accomplished bare knuckle pugilist who rose to fame when his fights were posted on YouTube. Coming off the back of a win over Dada 5000 of the BYB movement, now is the perfect time for Kimbo to put pen to paper, get the fight on and mix it up at the highest level.


Twitter has been set alight recently with tweets calling for this fight to happen, this is the fight that the fans want, that the world of BKB needs and a fight that will truly make the history books.


Bobby Gunn