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It’s Official! Bare Knuckle Champ Bobby Gunn to Face Roy Jones Junior!



Yes you read that right! After 10 years in the making Bobby Gunn is to face Roy Jones Junior in a gloved cruiserweight bout for the Vacant World WBF Championship.

This extraordinary bout is titles Skill vs Will and will take place on the 17th of February and has already captured the interest of the sporting media and the general public. Gunn is known as one of the greatest bare knuckle boxers of all time and Jones as one of the all time gloved boxing greats. Two styles will collide on the 17th of February, Gunn known for his hard hitting Jack Dempsey like ferocity and Jones for his slick movement and fast hands, which promises to create one of the greatest show downs in boxing history and a true Cinderella story.

Sprits are high at Team Gunn who have worked tirelessly to bring you this fight and rest assured we are still working day and night to bring you true bare knuckle boxing in the near future.

This fight will take place at the Chase Centre in Wilmington, Delaware and will be available on Pay-per-View. Get behind your boy Bobby Gunn to bring home the gold for all those that ever dared to dream!

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Bobby Gunn