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> November 16, 2017

>     Team Gunn would first like to address this alleged “contract” to fight in an illegal bare-knuckle match in the month of November, 2017.  Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen allege that a contract exists when one does not exist.  The only document ever sent to Team Gunn was a preliminary offer in the form of an email pertaining to a fight with Mr. Ritch.  This email made no mention of location, contained no proof of sufficient funds by a licensed bonding agent, no indication of a licensed promoter, and without question most importantly the verification of a sanctioning body approval.  Soon thereafter, Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen began a self promoting campaign regarding this illegal bout without the express written consent of Bobby Gunn.  In light of this campaign, Team Gunn sent several legal “Demands to Produce”, and none were answered.  Team Gunn then sent a legal “Cease and Desist” letter effective immediately as Mr. Gunn did not want his name associated with this illegal activity that Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen were illegally promulgating.  Then as recent as the writing of this letter Mr.Ritch and Mr. McEwen illegally conducted a massive smear campaign that the fight was cancelled and that it was some how a result of Bobby Gunn’s actions.  Moreover, they took their criminal conduct to the extraordinary height of extortion by demanding payment and compensation with the threat of continued slanderous and libelous remarks unless their demands were met.  They even set a deadline for payment of November 17, 2017 whereby they would be holding a “press conference” at a hotel in the State of Arizona.

>     In order to hash out the above mentioned factual events it should be broken down into sections:

> 1.  The Contract:

>     A contract would need to have the assent of both parties in order to be legally consummated, meaning both parties agree.  Which you do not have here. Most importantly it is a PRIMA FACIA ILLEGAL contract therefore courts will not enforce it because the purpose of it is to achieve an illegal end.  Bobby Gunn consulted with Mr. Juan Estrada, of the Arizona Sate Boxing Commission and learned that no such bout was ever scheduled with or sanctioned by his office.  In fact, Mr. Estrada stated he was going to look into the matter right away and take action immediately using the authorities at his disposal.  This shows the foolish and illegal behavior on the part of Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen.  They have promoted their own criminality and made a case against them a fairly easy one for law enforcement and exposed themselves to tremendous civil liability.  In essence, it appears that Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen have done is not attempt to enforce a contract but, rather bring Bobby Gunn into their own conspiracy to commit a crime.

> 2.  Likeness of Being:

>     Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen illegally used Bobby Gunn’s likeness of being, personal attributes, and personal accomplishments for exploitative purposes and commercial gain without his express consent.  They made use of this situation in order to gain a financial benefit.  

> 3.  Libelous and Slander:

>     Throughout this campaign, through all methods of social media Team Gunn is in possession of hundreds of written and verbal communications that have done harm to Bobby Gunn’s reputation.  These communications intentioinally made him into the target of ridicule, hatred, contempt and scorn.  They have had an adverse affect in his stature and reputation in the boxing community and have had a defamatory effect.

> 4.  Extortion:

>     Is a criminal offense of obtaining or attempting to obtain money, property, or services from an individual through coercion.  Clearly, the acts of Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen rise to that level.  They have made repeated requests and demands from Mr. Gunn for money in order to stop the smear campaign.  They have stated they will not stop the campaign unless are they “paid off”.  They stated they will “destroy” him unless he makes it “go away”.  In fact, Bobby Gunn has an open criminal case against Mr. McEwen with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office in the State of Tennessee opened November 13, 2017.  The apex of this extortion is the announcement by Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen on the internet that there will be a press conference at the Marriott Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona on November 17, 2017.  They notified Mr. Gunn that was his deadline to pay.

> 5.  Press Conference:

>     The establishment hotel has already been put on notice.  The State of Arizona Boxing Commission was notified about the impending event.  As Mr. Ritch and Mr. McEwen attempt to go public with their own self-damning information and their own criminal nature; they will surely be exposed.

>     All issues raised in this letter will be taken seriously byTeam Gunn and brought to the proper authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.  All Civil Matters will be addressed as well through legal representation.


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